Our Team

All the staff we recruit have a genuine love of children and are dedicated to providing the best care possible for all our children. Cygnets Day Nursery has a low staff turnover and many of our staff have been with us since we opened.

The nursery is managed by Bonny Clark who is also a director of Cygnets Day Nurseries. She has many years experience of working in nurseries.

Staff qualifications include Degree status, NVQ 4, NVQ 3, NVQ 2, and some training towards other relevant qualifications.

All staff are DBS checked and have a paediatric first aid certificate. We have modern apprentices at certain times and students on work experience but this is limited. Our staff includes mature, experienced and knowledgeable Nursery Practitioners who work together as a team to provide high standards of care and education. We encourage ongoing staff professional development.

Staffing ratios are in line with current legislation. The ratios include the following minimum standards:

0 – 1 years; 1 adult to 3 babies

2 – 3 years; 1 adult to 5 children

3 – 5 years; 1 adult to 8 children

These ratios are usually higher in practice.