Cygnets Curriculum

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which focuses on learning through play, via the Early Learning Goals, (ELG). These place the child at the centre with a cycle of observation, assessment and planning. We also incorporate the Curiosity Approach providing children with a calm, stress free environment filled with open-ended resources.  

Monthly activity sheets are also provided to take home to encourage family involvement along with Achievement Trees in each room. You can share what your child has achieved at home to support planning for your child’s needs.

Outdoor activities with Cygnets Day NurseriesThe nursery takes on board the child’s current interests and how they learn, based on the Characteristics of Effective Learning, creating and thinking critically. This ensures that each child’s individual needs are met and provided for.

Cooking activities, a great favourite, supports learning and development including healthy eating, and self care.

Cygnets Day Nursery also offers French lessons within the nursery which are held weekly with our French teacher.

Physical exercise sessions each week are held with Sports 4Kids.

Outings on the curriculumWe have outings to the park, library, post office, local shops and walks to the Mill Pond to see the ducks and swans.

The nursery has also arranged visits from a local farm and annual visits to Birdworld.

On a recent visit the children had a fantastic time at Bird World. Among the birds they got to interact with included flamingos, penguins, parrots and endangered species.