Partnership with Parents

Settling in sessions

We offer 2 sessions to allow your child to settle into the nursery and for parents and children to become acquainted with their key person who will introduce you to room staff, explain the system of the nursery and answer any questions. Your child’s key person will also discuss your child’s development and support planning for their next steps and their individual needs.

Open Door policy

We provide an open door policy whereby a parent/carer can discuss any aspect of their child’s care or development at any time.

Parent/Staff meetings

The nursery encourages parental involvement from day one to ensure we cover your child’s needs. We hold zoom meetings 3 times per year with parents to discuss your child’s progress. This enables parents to fit meetings into their schedule. As always any parent is welcome to come into the nursery to discuss their child at other times.

At the planned open evenings to discuss your child’s progress you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s next steps with their key person.

We also encourage parents to share their professional skills with the children, eg. One parent is a chef who came to conduct a cake icing display, with all children wearing a chefs hat! Another parent was a dentist who came with an outsize set of teeth to talk about dental health!

Regular newsletters and monthly activity sheets to take home are available to support learning at home. We use ‘eyLog’, an online early learning journal to enable staff to share your child’s learning journey, thereby increasing parent participation in their child’s activities at nursery. Parents can contribute to their child’s learning journey with observations from home via the eyLog tool or in person.

We also liaise with other professionals related to a child’s development such Police and Fire Brigade.