“We want to thank you for all you have done for Florence and Edwards over the past 8 years. You have given them both a fantastic start to their education, showered them with love, kindness and care for which we are truly grateful to each and every one of you!”


Testimonial for Cygnets Day Nurseries“Jacob has really enjoyed his time with you and you have helped develop his confidence and independence. He has always come home with a smile on his face!”


“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all the love, support and care you have given Roman this year. You have taught him so much and his confidence is beyond anything I could ever dreamed of.”


“My son has had an amazing few years at Cygnets, they have taught him so much and now I feel he is ready to start school.

The staff are all caring and supportive making him feel safe and happy.

The facilities are great with lots of toys and learning spaces like the book area, kitchens.

Tablets and computers. I would highly recommend the nursery.”


“We really couldn’t ask for more from a nursery.

The staff are so friendly, approachable and fantastic with my little boy. We totally believe his development wouldn’t be as advanced without their input and encouragement.

They provide a tasty and nutritious home cooked menu each day and the quality of care is second to none.

We feel very lucky to have a place at Cygnets and have total peace of mind that when we leave him, he’s extremely well looked after and having so much fun with his friends.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Cygnets to any parent, they are just brilliant!”

Leigh & Natalie Wilson

“My son Edward joined Cygnets at the age of six months. The initial concerns I had about leaving a young baby were instantly quashed when I saw from the very first day, how much love, care and attention was showered upon him. During his four years at Cygnets, Edward was introduced to a wide range of activities that he would never have had the opportunity to try at home. Every evening he would amaze us by showing and telling us what he had learnt that day. The staff at Cygnets made learning fun for him and prepared him for the transition to school. It was clear from Edward’s school Parent’s evenings that his time spent at Cygnets has given him excellent social skills and a massive heard start educationally – he even learnt to speak some French!

review for Cygnets Day NurseriesOne of the things that made us choose Cygnets is the fantastic purpose built building and lovely outdoor space, with excellent playground equipment and ride on toys for the children to burn off some energy. The delicious, healthy and nutritious meals they provide was also a big plus point for us and as a result, both of my children are happy to eat anything and thankfully we do not have the battles at meal times that a lot of parents have.

In the six years I have known Bonny and her staff at Cygnets, there has not been one member of staff that I wouldn’t feel one hundred percent happy leaving my children with. The Cygnets team have created some very special memories for my family, including Nativities and fancy dress and sports days. It is a truly special Nursery which I cannot recommend highly enough.”

Louisa Eley