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A ten-month old’s letter to Santa….

A ten-month old’s letter to Santa…

I am a ten-month old baby and I write because my mother has been sending my “Christmas List” to people, and her list does not in any way represent the things I really want!

My list is enclosed below.  Have a lovely Christmas season 😊 .

-Ten Month-Old Baby

A Comprehensive List of The Things I Want For Christmas:

Dear Santa. Here is the list that I have compiled thus far.

This laptop cord: I want a laptop cord more than I have ever wanted anything! Just like those located behind my mother’s desk next to the air-conditioner (whose cord I also want).

This wall mount entertainment centre: I have no idea why my mother doesn’t want me to play with this thing as it is obviously a child’s toy.

House keys: I would love a set of house keys. To eat obviously.

Handfuls of the dog’s fur: This stuff is the best! I keep trying to pull it off but she moves frequently, making collection difficult. My favourite thing to do is putting it in my mouth then realising I don’t want it in my mouth!

The dog’s food: Every time I get close to this, someone pulls me away.  If they don’t want me to eat it, why is it on the floor?

Mobile phones: No idea what these do, but it’s clearly a lot of fun, given that my mother never stops looking at it.